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MaNGOS-Bot by ike3

This is a modification of MaNGOS (R2, Trinity) server which brings a number of bots online and available for any player. Also allows you to use your account/guild characters as bots.

Welcome to the MaNGOS-Bot project! Basic features:

This makes possible:

This project is based on Blueboy's playerbot (actually MaNGOS-Bot was forked from it but the codebase is now almost fully rewritten and incompatible with the original version).

Gameplay Demo (5-man dungeons, no wipes, no deaths)

Watch more videos on this youtube channel.


You can download this project in either zip or tar formats. You can also clone the project with Git by running:

$ git clone


Install Guide
Quick Start Guide
How to control bots
Items and Trade
Command Reference
Random Bots
Auction House Bot



I wish to thank the creators of MaNGOS, ScriptDev2, TrinityCore, Ahbot, original Playerbot, world database maintainers (udb, ytdb, etc.) and everybody else related to mangos project. You did awesome job!

Licensing and disclaimer

The main goal of this project is learning. MaNGOS-Bot is availabe under the same license terms as original MaNGOS project.
Author maintains this only for his own interest in his free time so please do not expect anything :)