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MaNGOS-Bot by ike3

This is a modification of MaNGOS (R2, Trinity) server which brings a number of bots online and available for any player. Also allows you to use your account/guild characters as bots.

Quick Start Guide

Welcome to MaNGOS-Bot. In this guide you will learn in 5 minutes how to play WoW with your bot. So, let's get started.

Create two characters of the same race. Class does not matter - just pick anything you like. Let's name the first character Cali and the second one - Juve.

Log on with your first character, Cali. Don't go anywhere. Hit Enter and say:

.bot add Juve
You'll notice Juve appears nearby. He is your bot.

Invite Him to a party, just as any other player. He will accept.

Whisper to Juve now:

He will start following you. Just go to the first quest giver and accept his quest. Juve will accept it as well.

Go and kill something now. Juve will assist you in combat. When target is dead He will loot it and get those items He need for quest. Play a bit until the quest is completed.

Ask Juve about the quest:

He will probably tell you that the quest is completed or explain which objectives needs to be done.

Return to the quest giver and turn the quest in. Juve will turn it in as well. If there are more than one reward, tell Him what to pick (remember shift+clicking for links):

r [item]

Now bot has a new item He can equip. Tell Him:

e [item]
He will equip the item.

So, continue playing. What? Juve has got an item you want? Just open the trade window and tell

Accept trade and the item is yours. You can give items and gold to Juve as well. To ask Him for a gold, open a trade window and say
2g 3s 5c
And he will put 2 gold 3 silver and 5 copper to the trade.

Ok, you and Juve are level 2. Go to your trainer, learn new spells. Now go to Juve's class trainer and say

trainer learn
He will learn his spells as well.

For some quests some game objects needs to be gathered. Start gathering the object and interrupt it in the middle. Juve will gather it instead you.

This is just the basics how to start playing. There are lots of chat commands and actions available to control your bot. Just play a little more then read the rest of this documentation. Then create more bots and go to a dungeon or even raid!