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MaNGOS-Bot by ike3

This is a modification of MaNGOS (R2, Trinity) server which brings a number of bots online and available for any player. Also allows you to use your account/guild characters as bots.


By default your bots will stay in place until you command them to do some other thing.

The following strategies can be used to control bot movement:
stay - stay in place (default)
follow - follow master - including teleporting to instances and taking taxi nodes (flight masters)
passive - don't attack, loot, etc. Usually combined with follow to make bots flee with you from some danger. Without this strategy they will try to attack something and will eventually die.

While the bot is somewhere far away from the master it needs to be teleported. If there is a meeting stone nearby, select the bot and right-click the stone. When the summoning portal is open, select the bot you want to teleport, then right-click the portal. Bot will be summoned soon. NOTE: there is no need of another player to summon bots.

Although controlling strategies is very powerful technique it is not very easy. So there are predefined shortcut commands for adding/removing such strategies:

These shortcuts mean adding one strategies and removing others such as:

To make bots flee with you from the danger:

/g reset
/g nc -stay,+follow,+passive
/g co +passive
/g do follow

To make bots follow you and assist you in attack:

/g nc -stay,+follow,-passive
/g co -passive
/g do follow

To make bots stay in place and assist you in attack:

/g nc -follow,+stay,+passive
/g co +passive
/g do stay

HINT: you can create several macros and bind them to action bar or keys: