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MaNGOS-Bot by ike3

This is a modification of MaNGOS (R2, Trinity) server which brings a number of bots online and available for any player. Also allows you to use your account/guild characters as bots.


Bot can loot corpses, gameobjects, use gathering skills etc. Basically bot has a loot list that you can add objects to. Then you instructs the bot to loot ojects from this list based on reachability and usefulness. Also there is a possibility to make bot maintain the list itself based on loot strategies.

By default bot add corpses and game objects to their loot list automatically and loot them if have appropriate non-combat strategies, such as gather - gather herbs, minerals and skin mobs if have appropriate skill, loot - do actual corpse looting. NOTE: gather strategy without loot has no effect.

If you want bot to loot something, select the loot object and whisper

d loot
If the object can't be selected (i.e. mineral vein), right-click it even if you don't have the necessary skill.

This involves two steps. When you select something (or right-click it) it is being added to the bot loot list. Actual d loot action instrcuts the bot to loot the first object from the list (this almost always will the object you've selected). After looting is done the object will be removed from the loot list.

If you want bots to loot automatically, apply loot non-combat strategy:

nc +loot
Bot will add any creature they kill to its loot list. Although some game objects (e.g. herbs, minerals, etc.) still must be added manually by right-clicking them (but there is no need of do loot action). Note: there is special grind strategy that allows bot to loot everything they see, can be dangerous thought.

By default bots will not loot all items from the list. You can control which items to loot by whispering (ll stands for loot list):

ll gray
They will loot only gray (poor quality) items.
ll quest
They will loot only quest items.
ll skill
They will loot items based on their skills (herbalism, mining or skinning)
ll normat
They will loot anything except BOP (bind-on-pickup) items.
ll all
They will loot everything.

You can specify which items must be always looted or skipped by adding and removing them from bot's loot list. Whisper

ll [item]
to add an item to the always loot list, or
ll -[item]
to remove.

Hint: you can combine looting with grind strategy. Bots will attack and loot everything they see including corpses, gameobjects, herbs, mining, skinning, etc. You can just stand still and wait they do all the dirty work. Just make sure they are appropriate level and gear to sustain the combat.

Although looting is useful it can be dangerous sometimes. Usually it is better to leave it disabled but have do loot action as a macro so you can quickly tell bot when to loot.