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MaNGOS-Bot by ike3

This is a modification of MaNGOS (R2, Trinity) server which brings a number of bots online and available for any player. Also allows you to use your account/guild characters as bots.

Items and Trading

Items are the essential part of the game, so MaNGOS-Bot offers you some functionality to interact with the bot about getting the information and trading the items. Note: bot will respond and trade only with his master for security reason.

If you open a trade window the bot will tell how many of which item it currently has. The items will be told as links so you can use this in your further conversation. You can place some your items and gold to the trade window and the bot will accept the trade and get the items and gold you trade. When you need the bot to place and item to the trade, just whisper item link to them (you can pick the link from the list bot gave you when the trade begins). You can replace item link with item quality word (e.g. gray, green, rare, epic etc. followed by optional item count). If you need gold, whisper a number in format 3g7s5c and it will be added to trade. Accept the trade and the items will be yours.

To get information about some item several commands are available. The commands usually end with an item link which you can create by shift-clicking the item while cursor is in chat window.

Bot will tell how many of that item he has and how this item is useful for he (i.e. for a quest, including information how many items is still needed)
u [item]
Bot will use this item. Optional [target] link can be appended to this command making the bot use the item against this target (can be any player, npc, game object, etc.)
e [item]
Bot will equip this item in the appropriate slot. If the slot is occupied the existing item will go to the backpack and replaced with given one. [item] link can be replaced with equipment set name so bot will activate the specified equipment set
ue [item]
Bot will un-equip this item from the appropriate slot leaving it empty.

destroy [item]
Bot will destroy this item. This cannot be undone.

Although bot is allowed to interact with its master only, it still can trade with any vendor. Just make sure you have the vendor selected, the vendor trade window is open and the bot is in the reach range with the vendor. The commands are:

s [item]
Bot will sell this item to the vendor, [item] can be replaced with * so bot will sell all gray (poor quality) items
b [item]
Bot will buy this item to the vendor
bank [item]
Bot will place this item to the bank
bank -[item]
Bot will withdraw this item from the bank
gb [item]
Bot will place this item to the guild bank
gb -[item]
Bot will withdraw this item from the guild bank

For banks and vendors the banker or NPC must be within direct contact with the bot.