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MaNGOS-Bot by ike3

This is a modification of MaNGOS (R2, Trinity) server which brings a number of bots online and available for any player. Also allows you to use your account/guild characters as bots.

Command Reference

There are lots of chat commands available in MaNGOS-Bot. The following ones are the most frequently used:

Command Description
followFollow master
stayStay in place
fleeFlee with master (ignore everything else)
d attack my targetAttack my target
d add all lootCheck every corpse and game object for loot
grindAttack anything
co +s1,-s2,~s3,?Add, remove, toggle and show combat strategies
nc +s1,-s2,~s3,?Add, remove, toggle and show non-combat strategies
ds +s1,-s2,~s3,?Add, remove, toggle and show dead strategies
e [item]Equip item
ue [item]Unequip item
u [item]Use item
u [item] [target]Use item on target (e.g. use gem on item)
destroy [item]Destroy item
[item]Add to trade window if trading, show if it is useful
accept [quest]Accept quest at the selected quest giver
accept *Accept all quests at the selected quest giver
drop [quest]Abandon quest
r [item]Choose quest reward
questsShow quest summary
[quest]Show quest and objectives status
talkTalk to the selected NPC (to complete a quest)
u [game object]Use game object (use los command to obtain the game object link)
losEnlist game objects, items, creatures and NPCs bot can see
statsShow stat summary (inventory, gold, xp, etc.)
leaveLeave party
trainerShow what bot can learn from the selected trainer
trainer learnLearn from the selected trainer
spellsShow bot's spells
cast [spell]Cast the spell
homeSet home at the selected innkeeper
summonSummon bot at the inn
releaseRelease spirit when dead
reviveRevive when near a spirit healer

There are some of master's actions bot can react. For example:

Action Bot reaction
accept a questBot will accept it as well
talk to a quest giverBot will turn in his completed quests
use meeting stoneTeleport using the stone
start using game object and interruptUse the game object
open trade windowShow inventory and start trading
invite to a party/raidAccept the invitation
start raid ready checkTell his ready status
mount/unmountMount/unmount as well
go through a dungeon portalFollow into the dungeon

HINT: you can create key-binded macros for any of this command for quick usage, e.g.

Key Macro Decription
F/p followFollow me
G/p stayStay
H/p fleePull back
Shift+T/p d attack my targetAttack my target
T/p @tank d attack my targetAttack my target (for tanks only)
P/p co ~passive,?Toggle active/passive mode (assist or ignore)
J/p d add all lootLoot everything

/p can be replaced with /r if you are in raid group.

To learn about other commands tell bot someting invalid and it will enlist all the commands and stategies available.